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Mirage Tile & Grout Restoration is committed to providing the highest caliber Tile & Grout cleaning possible. Our trained technicians are certified in tile and grout cleaning, regrouting, stone cleaning and restoration, and stone polishing and honing. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, proprietary cleaning agents and processes to ensure maximum results.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients. We believe in providing our clients with knowledge they need so they may take an active roll in the care and preservation of their interior and exterior hard surfaces and floor coverings. Maintaining the beauty of your home is a commitment that you, the client and we, the specialists, must make to each other in order to extend the life of your investments. We understand your concerns and will always put your needs first in order to provide you with total peace of mind. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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Tile and grout cleaning
Countertop Polishing
Strip and Wax final
Tile Repair
Spanish Tile Cleaning and Restoration
Marble Floor polishing
Tile and Grout Cleaning Commercial


Tile and grout is usually found in areas of your home that experience high foot traffic, and therefore get dirty quickly. Why bring new life to your carpets, and not to the tile floors in your kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or hallway? There are stains and buildup in your grout lines, that simple mopping can not remove.

Mopping just isn’t enough!

Contrary to popular belief – tile and grout floors are not maintainable. You can mop them morning, noon, and night, but eventually, they will become dull and dingy. At some point, the porous nature of the surface itself will allow dirty mop water and other substances to seep in and discolor the tile and grout. Our method of scrubbing and steam cleaning is a sure-fire way to bring life back to your floors. Fall in love with your tile and natural stone again!


There comes a time in the life of our tile, when cleaning just doesn’t cut it anymore. Be it because there is just too much missing grout or the stains are too ingrained. That’s where regrouting comes in! With this process, the old grout is completely removed from between your tiles, and replaced with the grout of your choice, be it sanded grout, non-sanded grout, or epoxy grout. You can even change the color if you so wish!

Regrouting is an intense procedure, and does require an on-site evaluation. If you believe that regrouting is the next step for you, please give us a call, and we will be happy to help!


Our tile repair services encompass everything from cracked or missing tiles or grout lines to replacing that dark and dingy line of caulking around your bathtub or kitchen sink. Have terrible calcium deposits on the walls, floor, and glass you just aren’t sure how to deal with? We can help with that too!

Concrete repair is another service in our line of repairs. Pits in your concrete, like in your tile or natural stone, can be repaired to bring a new life to your floors!

For any and all tile repair needs, give us a call and our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help you decide the best route to take.


Marble countertops are a beautiful feature in any home, beautiful, timeless, easy to maintain, and, best of all, durable! But after years of using your beautiful marble countertop, it just isn’t the same anymore. The shine is gone, there seems to be water stains, and is that a crack in the counter? With years of use, the beauty can start to dull. Our stone restoration technique can save your investment.

Using a series of diamond pads, and a combination of powder and paste, we are able to remove surface scratches and stains, build-up of calcium deposits or water spots, old sealer, and so on. By doing so, we are able to restore the sparkling finish that you fell in love with! Give us a call to see how we can help restore your natural stone! 


Like with most things, after years of use and baking in the sun, the vibrant colors of your Saltillo tile have become dull and lifeless. The same could be said for concrete floors. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these types of floors, the color has been worn away, not covered by dirt, so cleaning doesn’t really help. Refinishing is a special, delicate process by which we bring that color back.

We begin by removing any old sealer that may still be on your floors, then, after a thorough cleaning to ensure the old sealer is completely gone, we begin the staining. Staining is an important part of the protection of your floors, the stain acting as another barrier between your feet and the tile, protecting the tile for many years to come.

When the staining is complete, we apply a new coat of sealer to your saltillo tile. Call now for your estimate!

Strip & Wax

VCT is an old style of composite flooring that many houses still boast. Businesses and homes alike can benefit from a professional strip and wax service on this floor. After a time, the old wax layers on these tiles can become scuffed and worn away, dirty and black where traffic tends to flow. Removing this old wax can instantly breathe a cleaner look and feel to any space. 

Our Strip and Wax process begins by removing whatever wax layers have been applied to the floor. The tiles are then steamed thoroughly to ensure all of the old wax has been removed. Finally, to your preference, layers of new wax are applied, creating a glossy, clean look that instantly brightens a room.

Give us a call or send us an email to set up your appointment!

Commercial Maintenance

Searching for some kind of regular maintenance for your business? You’re in luck! All of our services are available for commercial properties. We work with you to plan a maintenance schedule that works for you. Be the required services strip and wax, steam cleaning, or anything in between, we are ready and available to take care of you.

Commercial maintenance can be tough on your own, that’s why you have our team of cleaning professionals at your back. Give us a call, big or small, and see how we can help you!


There are many reasons to consider new tile in your bathroom, kitchen, patio, balcony, porch, or wherever else you have tile in your home. Some of these reasons include leaks and damages, problems with the bones underneath the tile, or simply the need for something new. 

With our Tile Installation services, you can rest easy knowing you have licensed flooring contractors and tile installers working for you.  Rebuilding your shower or changing the tile in your kitchen, or even installing tile on your balcony, patio, or around your pool, we have you covered!


"This is a hard working, honest and thorough company, they stuck to their estimate even though they ran into some old grout issues and had to replace it. They arrived a little early which was very good for us. Highly highly recommended."

"Wow excellent! The guys showed up quickly and assessed a problem I had with a designer shower made with expensive Italian tile but which had become stained and the grout messed up. They cleaned it perfectly and re-grouted the whole thing, looks like new. Plus they told me the rest of the tile in the bathroom did NOT have to be expensively cleaned and sealed, as other stone and tile people told me. Guys from Mirage are honest and knowledgeable and highly recommended."

"I cannot say enough about Mirage Tile & Grout. I had a few places in my bathroom and kitchen that needed grout work. A pretty small job, but they came out nonetheless when most said it was too small of a job. Not only did they get the job done, they went above and beyond. My kitchen tiles were very dirty and nothing we did got it cleaned. VOLUNTARILY they began cleaning the tiles and made them look brand new. I HIGHLY recommend them for all your tile, grout and cleaning needs!"

"Gave them a call early in the week and scheduled them to come and clean counter tiles and floor tiles today. They were professional, arrived on time and did a fantastic job. Overall great experience with this outfit and would use them again if/when necessary."

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